I Went Viral, What’s Next?

April 25th, 2018 I was on my weekly overnight shift for the fire department when my phone started vibrating off the table at 2am. When I opened the screen I found hundreds of tweets on Twitter… about me. Half awake I was confused, I rarely used twitter, what could this be about?

The funny (and sometimes unfortunate) thing about the internet is once you post something, it’s out there forever. And that is exactly what was happening to me.

8 months prior, I was driving home from my overnight shift at the hospital when I (stupidly) ran out of gas on the highway. I pulled over to the far right, placed my hazards on and unbuckled my seat belt to reach into my glove box for my insurance information. While on the phone with roadside assistance, a distracted driver hit my car going 55mph and I was launched forward into my steering wheel and dashboard. The flustered, young driver called 911 as I shook and cried in the front seat of my car. The police arrived and instructed me not to move as I had a head laceration and was bleeding. The Paramedics arrived, pulled me from my vehicle and quickly brought me right back to hospital I had just left, as a trauma.

Internal bleeding was ruled out, an MRI was run and multiple X-Rays taken. Once all life threatening diagnoses were ruled out, I had my husband call my mother. I sent her a picture of myself to prove I was OK because, knowing my mother she would fly from New England to Hawaii in a heartbeat if I was hurt. She advised me to keep the photo for police evidence, if necessary. I was treated for a closed head injury, cervical strain, head laceration and knee contusion. Overall though, I am one lucky woman. I never thought I would be so happy to have someone tell me I was “hard headed” as most are not as lucky as I am with that hard of an impact.

Fast forward a week: as all millennial’s, I couldn’t not post online about my experience and recovery. Along with my health update I posted the picture I had sent to my mom. With every few “Happy you’re okay!” posts came “How did your make up stay intact?” Until this moment I hadn’t thought about it, why would I? Second glance at the photo though, I notice what they were saying. My mascara was running down my face and yet, my eyeliner was unaffected by the tears and hours of tests in ER. So, I decided to write a review on the eyeliner- any make up that can last through that deserves positive feedback. So I posted the review below, and never thought of it again.


Well, I never thought about it again until a user on Twitter read the review 8 months later and tweeted it out.


Within hours hundreds of thousands of people were tweeting me and news outlets were emailing me. Articles were written about me in Buzzfeed, TeenVogue, Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, Perez Hilton and dozens of others. I was even in a segment on CBC Boston News. At the peak 15, 500 people were following me on Instagram.

Slowly my followers have been dwindling and climbing down, probably because they realized I am not some beauty guru and am just an average joe. But I hope to use that as my advantage. We often look to social media influencers for advice on what to buy or where to go, but maybe we need opinions of average, day to day people. If I have learned anything from this crazy experience it is that my opinion matters. I now have this wonderful platform to build off of and hope to continue voicing my thoughts and ideas, whether it be mascara or mental health. I hope that you will all continue to support and follow along in my journey.

With that I say Good Night and may you have a wonderful day filled with Coffee, Cats and Cusswords

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